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This site was created to help all the noobie's out there. The one's who wanted to, had the desire to, had the passion to, but could never just do. For all you noobie's out there, this site will finally give you the tools and skills you need in order to create your very first website. Good luck and God Speed!

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Things you will need:

Text Editor:

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Notepad Plus Plus is a free text editor and will be the text editor that we will be using for most of the videos. It is only for windows though so if you are using a mac I would recommend either Dreamweaver or BBEdit for the paid text editors or Textwrangler for the free text editor.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5-Full

Dreamweaver is the text editor of choice. Not only is it a text editor but it is a web development application that allows you to preview your sites locally in a preview pane and allows editing with a "GUI" like interface compared to normal coding. It is not a free application but is well worth the money.

Microsoft Expression (used to be known as Microsoft Frontpage) is a very powerful text editor that is very similar to Adobe Dreamweaver. It provides easy editing, with the "GUI" like interface and for half the price of Dreamweaver. This is a great tool for beginners, but for people really serious about webdesign I would still recommend Dreamweaver.

Now for the people using a Mac. For a cheap but very efficient text editor I would recommend BBEdit. It does cost a little money but is a very good text editor and only for Mac users. It is an award winning product and provides an abundance of high-performance features for editing, searching and manipulation of text.

For a free text editor only for Mac and made by the same company as BBEdit, is BBEdit's little brother, Text Wrangler. Packed with just about the same punch as BBEdit but with just a little less features, Bare Bones software is proud to give away Text Wrangler for absolutely nothing. For beginners just following along on a Mac and with no desire to take their web editing days too seriously and in no need of something as elaborate as Dreamweaver, Text Wrangler would be the perfect choice.